The Nardah Hunter Shop is a shop in Nardah, a little north-east of the bank selling Hunter items, owned by Artimeus. It is one of only two hunter shops the other being the Aleck's Hunter Emporium.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Butterfly net Butterfly net 5 24 3
Butterfly jar Butterfly jar 100 1 61
Magic box Magic box 30 720 235
Noose wand Noose wand 50 4 1
Bird snare Bird snare 50 6 3
Box trap Box trap 25 38 50
Teasing stick Teasing stick 5 60 1
Unlit torch Unlit torch 20 4 1
Rabbit snare Rabbit snare 10 18 1
Bird snare pack Bird snare pack 3 606 Not sold
Box trap pack Box trap pack 3 3,840 Not sold
Magic imp box pack Magic imp box pack 3 72,000 Not sold

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