North Crandor mine
North Crandor Mine
Location Spread across northern Crandor
Members only? No
Rocks 7 Coal rocks
1 mithril rock
3 gold rocks
Monsters King Scorpions, hobgoblins
Requirements Dragon Slayer
Crandor location

North Crandor mine is a mining site scattered across the northern area of Crandor. Access to this mine is obtained by traversing the tunnel entered from the Karamja Volcano, or as a one-time deal, through a ship from the Dragon Slayer quest. The closest bank to these mines are in Draynor Village for free players and in Mor Ul Rek for members. Beware of the lesser demons lurking around the dungeon entrance.

This site is an ideal spot for superheating mithril (which is available close by in the South Crandor mine.) An abundance of coal is on the northern part of the island, as well as a solitary mithril rock. There is also some gold to mine to the east; however, superheating this metal does not provide any profit at all.

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