Release date 27 May 2003 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Dwarf
Quest NPC? Dwarf Cannon
Location Entrance to the Dwarven Mine on Ice Mountain
Sells items? Multicannon Parts
Gender Male
The Dwarven armoury engineer.
Nulodion chathead

Nulodion is the official dwarf multicannon expert and Weapons Development Chief of the Dwarven Black Guard. During the Dwarf Cannon quest you meet Nulodion who helps you.

The cannon storeEdit

Main article: Multicannon Parts

Nulodion's Multicannon Parts is the only place in all of RuneScape that sells the parts of the dwarf multicannon (but only if the player has completed the Dwarf Cannon quest). The store also sells the cannon instruction manual, and ammo moulds to make your own cannonballs. Ammo moulds are used in the Between a Rock... quest.

If your cannon decays or you log out while your cannon is set up you can right-click Nulodion and select "Replace-cannon" to retrieve it free of charge.

Cannon partsEdit

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