Observatory Dungeon
Observatory Dungeon
Kingdom Kandarin
Main Music None
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Goblin guard (Level 42)
Quests Observatory Quest
Inhabitants/Race Goblins and Spiders
Observatory Dungeon map
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The Observatory dungeon leads from the ruins north-east of the Observatory to the Observatory.

The dungeon

Before you enter the dungeon, you will be asked, "Are you sure that you want to enter?" If you choose yes, then you will enter the dungeon. The dungeon is infested with low-levelled goblins and a few high-levelled goblin guards. This dungeon is a giant maze, so be prepared.


This dungeon is used for the Observatory Quest and is also used to get to the Observatory for a Treasure Trail.



  • The goblins that live in the Observatory Dungeon seem to be somewhat more intelligent than normal goblins because they speak like ordinary humans, as opposed to goblins from other regions.