Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? Lunar Diplomacy,
Dream Mentor
Location Lunar Isle
Sells items? Lunar equipment
Gender Female
Notable features Leader of the Moonclan
Spiritual leader of the Moonclan.
Oneiromancer chathead

The Oneiromancer (oneiro comes from the Greek word όνειρο meaning "dream") is the spiritual head of the Moon Clan, who resides on Lunar Isle, near the astral altar. Like the rest of her clan, she is adept at magic and can use it to perform everyday tasks and float. As the head of the Moon Clan, she is in charge of the Waking Dream ceremony, in which a person enters their dreams so that they may become closer to magic and perform it at a level matching the Moon Clan.

Lunar DiplomacyEdit

When the player first meets her, she agrees to allow them to undergo the Waking Dream ceremony, so that a member of the Fremennik tribe (the player who became a Fremennik during The Fremennik Trials) may understand what it is to be a member of the Moon Clan and hopefully reduce the tensions between the two peoples. She helps the player by providing information on how to get hold of the Lunar equipment needed to complete the ritual, and will then brew the player a Waking Sleep Potion so that they may enter their dream and face the trials. Once the player completes the ceremony she will grant them permission to pray at the Astral altar to activate Lunar spells.

Lunar equipmentEdit

If at any point the player were to lose their Lunar equipment, they can return to the Oneiromancer where she will return it for a price. The prices are as follows:

Lunar equipment
Item Cost
Lunar helm 15,000 coins
Lunar torso 120,000 coins
Lunar legs 80,000 coins
Lunar cape 12,000 coins
Lunar gloves 10,000 coins
Lunar boots 10,000 coins
Lunar amulet 4,000 coins
Lunar ring 2,000 coins
Lunar staff 30,000 coins
Total cost 283,000 coins

Treasure TrailsEdit

Oneiromancer is the solution to the elite anagram clue: CAREER IN MOON. She will give you a Challenge scroll with the answer of 25.

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