The Ornate rejuvenation pool is built in the Superior Garden of a player-owned house as a place where players can restore their hitpoints, special attack energy, run energy, prayer points, any reduced stats, and cure poison. It requires 90 Construction to build, however it can be built at 82 construction through the use of a crystal saw and a +5 spicy stew boost.

For ironmen, 87 Herblore is also required, as the only source of anti-venom is to create it through Herblore.

The ornate rejuvenation pool is built by upgrading an existing fancy rejuvenation pool. This is done by using the right-click "Upgrade" option while in building mode.


Item Exchange price Total price
Anti-venom(4) 10 x Anti-venom(4) 12,580 888,550
Gold leaf 5 x Gold leaf 672,970
Blood rune 1,000 x Blood rune 203,000


  • On the day before release, it was shown on the weekly community stream that the pool will require 10 super anti-venom instead of regular anti-venom. This was changed before release upon player feedback.

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