Ourania Cave
Ourania Cave entrance
Kingdom Kandarin
Main Music Altar Ego
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Zamorak mage
Quests none
Inhabitants/Race ZMI
Ourania Cave map
Click the map to view a larger version.

The Ourania Cave is a dungeon that houses the Ourania Altar, which is the cave's main point of interest.

The cave is found north of the Scorpius Shrine, and is currently controlled by the Zamorak Magical Institute (or ZMI). The ZMI have invaded the cave and taken over the short route to the altar, which they aggressively guard against anyone else. The cave also has a banker, Eniola, to whom players must pay 20 runes of any type to use. Players can speak to him to set up a quick-deal payment, allowing Eniola to take 20 of a chosen rune without having to pay through the pre-banking interface.

The Ourania runecrafting altar found in this cave has the power to turn pure essence into any type of rune (except combination runes). Each rune crafted grants the crafter twice the normal amount of experience that would have been gained by using any other Runecrafting altar. As a result, this dungeon is a popular place for runecrafters to gain experience.




There are two routes to the altar:

  • Long Route: This is safe but time consuming to use. Just follow the eastern winding route from the cave's ladder to its end and squeeze through the crack in the wall there.
  • Short Route: This is quick but dangerous, as all the monsters are guarding this route. Go directly south and follow the path south-east. Turning off Auto retaliate and running constantly is considered a good strategy for using this route. Many players use protection Prayers on this route. You can change prayers as indicated on the map. Alternatively, especially if you have a good Defence level (to guard against melee attacks), you can wear magic-resistant armour like dragonhide (to guard against magic attacks) and just use the Protect from Range prayer for the entire route. Players with high hit point levels sometimes run the entire route without prayer and just eat food at the bank to heal damage. This strategy works best when there are many runecrafters running the route at the same time, since they draw off some of the monsters' attacks.


  • Altar Ego (Ourania Altar)
  • Expecting (entrance)

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