This article is about the pay-to-play guide. For the free players' guide, see Free-to-play Firemaking training.

This article gives tips about training the Firemaking skill.


Training Firemaking typically involves training near a bank for the highest efficiency, and repeatedly withdrawing banked logs and burning them.

Firemaking is typically trained at an area with a lot of space, where players can burn 27 logs in a row without any objects in the way. Below is a list of some good places to train:

Piscarilius firemaking spot

The spot players should begin when firemaking at the Piscarilius House. Starting at this spot will have the player finish directly at the bank entrance.

  • Directly outside the Piscarilius House bank in Great Kourend. Players can run to Tynan's Fishing Supplies due east and burn logs up to the bank entrance.
  • Port Phasmatys bank. You have the time to make a line, go to bank, make another line, return to bank, etc. Equip the ghostspeak amulet to skip a dialogue with the ghost bankers. Ghosts Ahoy can be done for fast travel and free entry.
  • Rogues' Den. It is possible for players to position their fires so that they end up next to or very near the banker. The Rogues' Den can be accessed easily with a games necklace.
  • Varrock's western bank. Players should start on the western wall of Zaff's Staff's and work your way west. There is enough room to light two inventories of logs parallel to each other, which is actually slightly more efficient that the Rogues' Den method, whilst still being in very close proximity to a bank
  • The Grand Exchange is also a viable area to train, but due to the amount of players there it can sometimes be crowded.
  • The Wintertodt Camp.


Level required Log type Experience Experience per hour
Regular[1] Collecting ashes[2]
1 Logs Normal 40 46,000 42,000
1 Achey tree logs Achey 40 46,000 42,000
15 Oak logs Oak 60 69,000 63,000
30 Willow logs Willow 90 103,500 94,500
35 Teak logs Teak 105 120,750 110,250
45 Maple logs Maple 135 155,250 141,750
50 Mahogany logs Mahogany 157.5 181,125 165,375
42 Arctic pine logs Arctic pine 125 143,750 131,250
60 Yew logs Yew 202.5 232,875 212,625
75 Magic logs Magic 303.8 349,370 318,990
90 Redwood logs Redwood 350 402,500 367,500
  1. Assumes that 1,150 logs are burnt per hour.
  2. Assumes that 1,050 logs are burnt per hour.

Level 1-99Edit

This section will show the time and number of logs needed to reach level 99 Firemaking. If the player switches to each log type as soon as the skill requirement is met, it would take approximately 33 hours to reach level 99 Firemaking from level 1.

Level 1-15 – Normal logsEdit

Logs The quickest way to get from level 1 to level 15 is by burning normal logs, which grant 40 experience per log. Normal logs can come from trees, evergreen, dead and dying trees can be cut nearly everywhere in Gielinor ranging from Lumbridge to the Wilderness. Purchasing the logs for 1 to 15 Firemaking is not necessary as getting level 15 is only several minute's work; only 61 logs have to be burnt to raise Firemaking from level 1 to 15. One must cut normal logs to train the first levels of Woodcutting anyway, so one may as well burn these logs to obtain 15 Firemaking.

  • Experience needed: 2,411
  • Logs needed: 60
  • Time: 2 minutes 27 seconds (147 seconds)
  • Money spent: -1,708

Level 15-30 – Oak logsEdit

Oak logs The quickest way to get from level 15 to level 30 is by burning oak logs, which grant 60 experience per log. Oak trees can be cut almost everywhere. Level 15 Woodcutting to cut the oak logs may be useful; oak logs can also be bought from other players.

  • Experience needed: 10,952
  • Oak logs needed: 183
  • Time: 7 minutes 20 seconds (440 seconds)
  • Money spent: -6,954

Level 30-35 – Willow logsEdit

Willow logs The quickest way to get from level 30 to level 35 is by burning willow logs, which grant 90 experience per log. Willow logs can be bought from other players or they can be cut with 30+ Woodcutting. Willow trees can be cut near the River Lum in Lumbridge, near Edgeville, near the sea south of Draynor bank, south of the cabbage patch northwest of Draynor Village, a little west of Catherby bank, in Rimmington, just northwest of the bank in Seers' Village or at Barbarian Outpost.

  • Experience needed: 9,043
  • Willow logs needed: 101
  • Time: 4 minutes 3 seconds (243 seconds)
  • Money spent: -1,010

Level 35-45 – Teak logsEdit

Teak logs The quickest way to get from level 35 to level 45 is by burning teak logs, which grant 105 experience per log.

  • Experience needed: 39,106
  • Teak logs needed: 373
  • Time: 14 minutes 56 seconds (896 seconds)
  • Money spent: -64,902

Level 45-50 – Maple logsEdit

Maple logs The quickest way to get from level 45 to level 50 is by burning maple logs, which grant 135 experience per log. If you have done the quest Throne of Miscellania and manage the kingdom you can get many maple logs very easily. Many players choose to burn maple logs from level 45 until level 99.

  • Experience needed: 39,821
  • Maple logs needed: 295
  • Time: 11 minutes 48 seconds (708 seconds)
  • Money spent: -2,065

Level 50-60 – Mahogany logsEdit

Mahogany logs The quickest way to get from level 50 to level 60 is by burning mahogany logs, which grant 157.5 experience per log.

  • Experience needed: 172,409
  • Mahogany logs needed: 1,095
  • Time: 43 minutes 48 seconds (2,628 seconds)
  • Money spent: -487,275

Level 60-75 – Yew logsEdit

Yew logs The quickest way to get from level 60 to level 75 is by burning yew logs, which grant 202.5 experience per log. These can be cut yourself, but it is much more efficient overall to buy them from other players.

  • Experience needed: 936,679
  • Yew logs needed: 4,626
  • Time: 3 hours 5 minutes 3 seconds (11,103 seconds)
  • Money spent: -1,554,336

Level 75-90 – Magic logsEdit

Magic logs The quickest way to get from level 75 to level 90 is by burning magic logs, which grant 303.8 experience per log.

  • Experience needed: 4,135,911
  • Magic logs needed: 13,614
  • Time: Approx: 9 hours 4 minutes 35 seconds (32,675 seconds)
  • Money spent: -15,247,680

Level 90-99 – Redwood logsEdit

Redwood logs The quickest way to get from level 90 to level 99 is by burning redwood logs, which grant 350 experience per log.

  • Experience needed: 7,688,099
  • Redwood logs needed: 21,966
  • Time: Approx: 14 hours 38 minutes 41 seconds (52,721 seconds)
  • Money spent: -5,886,888

Level 50-99 – WintertodtEdit

Bruma root An alternative to lighting logs is doing Wintertodt from 50 Firemaking onwards. Albeit a bit slower than burning logs normally, it is profitable, and grants the Pyromancer outfit, which increases firemaking experience by 2.5%.

  • Experience needed: 12,933,098
  • Kill count needed: ~600
  • Time: Assuming an average kill length of 4 minutes and a 60 second pause, around 40 hours.
  • Money earned: Varies depending on total level

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