This article is about the pay-to-play guide. For the free players' guide, see Free-to-play Prayer training.

Training Prayer can be quite costly, but it is a very important skill due to its utility in combat. Many quests recommend having 43 Prayer, as this allows a player to use all available protection prayers. Level 70 Prayer is also an important milestone for Piety.

Having a higher Prayer level also allows you to restore more prayer points per prayer potion/super restore/sanfew serum dose.

Starting off Edit

Do quests that give you Prayer experience upon completion. Completing The Restless GhostPriest in PerilRecruitment Drive and Holy Grail will grant a total of 14,531 Prayer experience, which will elevate a level 1 Prayer to level 30 without doing any actual training.

Offering bones at a gilded altar Edit

Gilded altar built

A very common and a fast method to train Prayer is to offer dragon or wyvern bones at a gilded altar with two marble incense burners lit in a player-owned house. Despite the fact that this does not give as much experience per bone as the Ectofuntus, many more bones can be processed in less time, making the experience per hour higher at a slightly higher price to the player.

The fastest way to do this is in a PvP world, as you can use a bank chest near Camelot Castle which is the closest bank chest to a teleport. The chest is within a safe area so no player killers can attack you there. Equip a dust battlestaff, withdraw two marrentills, a tinderbox, 24 bones and law runes for teleportation. Teleport to your house, light the marble incense burners and manually use each bone at the altar to speed up the process. Teleport back to Camelot and repeat.

This method will grant you around 400,000 - 500,000 experience per hour depending on your efficiency, however if you don't manually use the bones at the altar you will only get around 270,000 experience per hour. Assuming the bones are offered at a gilded altar with two marble incense burners lit, currently offering dragon bones costs 9.04 coins per experience and wyvern bones 8.96 coins per experience.

Players who don't have the Construction level to build a gilded altar can look up for house party hosts. Currently this takes place on World 330 at the Rimmington house portal and the Yanille house portal. If the host is in Rimmington, you can take noted bones and un-note them by using them on Phials for 5 gp per note.

If you have completed the aforementioned quests, you will need 51,656 dragon or wyvern bones to get from level 32 Prayer to 99.

Offering bones at the chaos altarEdit

The Chaos Temple in level 38 Wilderness contains an altar which grants the same experience as a gilded altar with two burners lit, but also gives a 50% chance for the bone not to be consumed, potentially saving a large sum of money if training prayer here in bulk. Players can take noted bones and un-note them here by using them on Elder Chaos druid for 50 gp per note.

This method is extremely risky, as not only is it in the Wilderness, it is also a multicombat area, meaning multiple players can attack you at the same time.

Reanimating ensouled heads Edit

Ensouled dragon head detail

Players who have at least 60% favour in the Arceuus house can train Prayer by reanimating ensouled heads and killing the reanimated monsters near the Dark Altar. This method offers a slower but cheaper alternative to offering dragon or wyvern bones at a gilded altar. Depending on the player's combat level, gear and the type of head used, the player can expect to reanimate around 160-220 ensouled heads per hour.

Players can quickly travel to the Dark Altar via nearby fairy ring (CIS), which can be accessed via the quest point cape's teleport to Legends' Guild, or teleporting to Salve Graveyard and running north-east to the fairy ring. Players with high Construction can also use a fairy ring in their house and restore their stats by using an ornate rejuvenation pool. Alternatively, players can simply equip an amulet of glory, bank at Edgeville and run to the nearby fairy ring to the east.

Having a rune pouch is beneficial since it saves inventory space, allowing you to reanimate more heads per trip.

Currently training with ensouled bloodveld heads can give roughly 145,000-180,000 experience per hour depending on your combat level. In addition, this method can give up to 30,000 magic and combat experience per hour. With higher magic levels, upwards of 300,000+ prayer experience per hour can be achieved, along with the added magic and combat experience. The highest-tiered head is dragon, at level 93 magic, which including the cost of runes is still cheaper than dragon bones on a gilded altar, saving upwards of 30 million using current grand exchange prices. They are not very difficult for medium-to-higher level players to defeat as every reanimated creature has a fixed amount of health, between 5 and 35. With the added combat and magic experience, it is considered a very macro-efficient way to train, similar to how barbarian fishing is viewed.

Currently reanimating ensouled dragon heads costs 6.96 coins per Prayer experience.

Experience rates and costEdit

The Prayer experience rate calculator attempts to calculate how quickly a player can "earn" experience points for each bone type, depending on the location where they are performing the task.

Player-owned house (POH)Edit

  • The player makes approximately 40 trips per hour from the bank to the house, teleporting both ways using the ring of dueling and PoH Teletabs.
  • The player does not manually use bones on the altar (which increases experience per hour) but rather the bones are automatically used on the altar.
  • If the player uses another a bone on the gilded altar right after it is automatically used, the experience per hour can be increased by up to 51%.


For information about the cost per experience, see Calculator:Prayer

Prayer-icon Bones Experience XP/hr (Bank) XP/hr (Ectofuntus) XP/hr (PoH) GP/XP (Buried) GP/XP (Gilded Altar)
BonesBones4.513,0504,32017,01010.22 2.92
Wolf bonesWolf bones4.513,0504,32017,01096.67 27.62
Burnt bonesBurnt bones4.513,0504,32017,01048.89 13.97
Monkey bonesMonkey bones514,5004,80018,90050.6 14.46
Bat bonesBat bones5.315,3705,08820,03461.32 17.52
Big bonesBig bones1543,50014,40056,70014.4 4.11
Jogre bonesJogre bones1543,50014,40056,70050.8 14.51
Zogre bonesZogre bones22.565,25021,60085,05021.51 6.15
Shaikahan bonesShaikahan bones2572,50024,00094,500270.16 77.19
Babydragon bonesBabydragon bones3097,00028,800113,40027.03 7.72
Wyvern bonesWyvern bones72208,80069,120272,16031.38 8.96
Dragon bonesDragon bones72208,80069,120272,16031.63 9.04
Fayrg bonesFayrg bones84243,60080,640317,52055.7 15.91
Lava dragon bonesLava dragon bones85246,50081,600321,30056.29 16.08
Raurg bonesRaurg bones96278,40092,160362,88085.33 24.38
Dagannoth bonesDagannoth bones125362,500120,000472,50070.38 20.11
Ourg bonesOurg bones140406,000134,400529,200220.72 63.06
Superior dragon bonesSuperior dragon bones150435,000144,000567,00072.53 20.72

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