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A pet list, which checks off any one-off pet that a player owns.

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A rift guardian.

A pet is a non-combat NPC loyal to a player that is generally obtained from monster drops. Available to members only, some pets must be raised to maturity by having it follow them, such as a cat. Pets can also be interacted with. Most pets do not serve a purpose other than aesthetics, as most pets are very rare drops from certain bosses and thus are often considered prestigious. A player may only have one pet following them at one time. Upon receiving a pet, the same sound as the strange plant random event will be heard.

Pets may be stored in the bank or inventory, and will follow the player when dropped. Players can store up to 40 pets in the Menagerie of a player-owned house (with the highest-level pet houses).

Unlike other pets, kittens must be stroked and fed regularly or they will run away. Once they reach adult stage, they no longer need to be fed.

List of petsEdit

When a player receives a one-off pet (i.e. a boss or skilling pet), it will automatically try to appear as their follower. At the same time, a message in the chatbox will state You have a funny feeling like you're being followed.

However, if a player receives a pet while having a follower out (for example, a cat), it will be placed into their inventory. When this occurs, the message in the chatbox will instead state You feel something weird sneaking into your backpack. If a players inventory is full and they have a follower already, they will not receive the pet.

When skilling, the pet is prioritised over the resource gathered, where it will be placed in the last inventory slot available, while the resource gathered will be dropped underneath the player.

Players can still roll for pet drops even if they already own it, however it does not affect their main drop, as pet drops are a tertiary drop. When this happens, players will receive the message You have a funny feeling like you would have been followed...

If a player dies with a one-off pet following them (or in their inventory and not one of three items kept on death), it will wander around for 30 seconds before disappearing, and cannot be picked up. Unless insured by Probita with a one-time fee of 500,000 coins, the player will have to gain the pet again from the sources that can drop it. If the pet is lost while insured, the player will need to pay 1,000,000 coins to reclaim it.

If a player has a pet following them when their membership status ends, they will lose it or have to pay to reclaim it if insured.

Boss petsEdit

These pets usually resemble bosses that are obtained as a secondary drop from them, or are obtained by other means.

Pet Source Drop rate
Abyssal orphanAbyssal orphanUsing an unsired on the Font of Consumption5/128 (effectively 1/2,560

as unsired is a 1/100 drop)

Baby moleBaby moleDropped by the Giant Mole1/3,000
Callisto cubCallisto cubDropped by Callisto1/2,000
HellpuppyHellpuppyDropped by Cerberus1/3,000
Jal-nib-rekJal-nib-rekDefeating TzKal-Zuk or exchanging an infernal cape to TzHaar-Ket-Keh 1/100

(1/75 if assigned as a slayer task)

Kalphite princess
Kalphite princess (2nd form)
Kalphite princessDropped by Kalphite Queen1/3,000
Noon/MidnightDropped by the Grotesque Guardians 1/3,000
OlmletOlmletGreat olm at the end of the Chambers of Xeric1/65 (Rolled after receiving a
unique drop upon defeating great olm)
Pet chaos elementalPet chaos elementalDropped by the Chaos Elemental and Chaos Fanatic1/300 (Elemental)
1/1,000 (Fanatic)
Pet dagannoth primePet dagannoth primeDropped by Dagannoth Prime1/5,000
Pet dagannoth rexPet dagannoth rexDropped by Dagannoth Rex1/5,000
Pet dagannoth supremePet dagannoth supremeDropped by Dagannoth Supreme1/5,000
Pet dark corePet dark coreDropped by Corporeal Beast1/5,000
Pet general graardorPet general graardorDropped by General Graardor1/5,000
Pet k'ril tsutsarothPet k'ril tsutsarothDropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth1/5,000
Pet krakenPet krakenDropped by Kraken1/3,000
Pet kree'arraPet kree'arraDropped by Kree'arra1/5,000
Pet smoke devilPet smoke devilDropped by the Thermonuclear smoke devil1/3,000
Pet snakelingPet snakelingDropped by Zulrah1/4,000
Pet zilyanaPet zilyanaDropped by Commander Zilyana1/5,000
Prince black dragonPrince black dragonDropped by the King Black Dragon1/3,000
Scorpia's offspringScorpia's offspringDropped by Scorpia1/2,000
SkotosSkotosDropped by Skotizo1/65
Tzrek-jadTzrek-jadDefeating TzTok-Jad or exchanging a fire cape to TzHaar-Mej-Jal1/200

(1/100 if assigned as a slayer task)

Venenatis spiderlingVenenatis spiderlingDropped by Venenatis1/2,000
Vet'ion jr.
Vet'ion jr. (Reborn)
Vet'ion jr.Dropped by Vet'ion1/2,000
VorkiVorkiDropped by Vorkath1/3,000

Skilling petsEdit

These pets are obtained by training a specific skill, where the chance of obtaining one is based on the player's level and the base chance of the resource being gathered, if applicable.

For all drop rates, use the formula base chance - (level * 25). Base chances are found in the individual pages of the pets. Players with 200 million experience will be fifteen times more likely in receiving the pet.[1]

As the rates use the player's base level, temporary skill boosts such as the dragon pickaxe's special attack or invisible boosts in areas such as the Woodcutting Guild do not affect the rate at which players can obtain these pets.[2]

Pet Source Drop rate
Baby chinchompa (red)
Baby chinchompa (grey)
Baby chinchompa (black)
Baby chinchompaObtained while hunting chinchompasSee here
BeaverBeaverObtained while woodcuttingSee here
Giant squirrelGiant squirrelObtained while training agilitySee here
HeronHeronObtained while fishingSee here
Rift guardian (fire)Rift guardianObtained while runecraftingSee here
Rock golemRock golemObtained while miningSee here
RockyRockyObtained while thievingSee here
TanglerootTanglerootObtained while farmingSee here


These pets are obtained either through quests or other means.

Pet Source Drop rate
BloodhoundBloodhoundReceived when completing master clue scrolls1/1,000
Pet cat (black)CatGertrude, after completing Gertrude's CatN/A
Chompy chickChompy chickDropped by Chompy birds after completing the elite Western Provinces Diary1/500
Hell catHellcatCatching Hell-Rats with a catN/A
HerbiHerbiHunting herbiboars1/6,500
Fishbowl (blue)
Fishbowl (green)
Fishbowl (orange)
Pet fishCaught in Harry's Fishing Shop using a tiny net, with a fishbowl (containing water and seaweed) in the inventoryN/A
Pet penance queenPet penance queenHigh-level gambles in Barbarian Assault1/1,000
Pet rockPet rockAskeladden after The Fremennik TrialsN/A
PhoenixPhoenixSupply crates earned from subduing the Wintertodt (completion of game gives possible chance)1/5,000
Toy catToy catClockwork and a regular plank used at a Crafting table 4 with 85 CraftingN/A

One-off pet totalsEdit

Pet 8 Oct
14 Mar
7 Nov
16 May
16 Nov
Pet chaos elementalChaos Elemental2,4133,3935,7187,2519,306
Pet dagannoth supremeDagannoth Supreme6239721,9512,9484,017
Pet dagannoth primeDagannoth Prime6139761,8442,7383,745
Pet dagannoth rexDagannoth Rex1,0311,4712,5653,7895,111
Baby moleBaby mole5217821,6102,7664,668
Kalphite princessKalphite princess3075041,2821,8412,626
Pet smoke devilSmoke devil1,4872,0724,0325,5347,413
Pet kree'arraKree'arra3765238411,0001,287
Pet general graardorGeneral Graardor9181,3932,6003,3944,178
Pet zilyanaZilyana5057991,3971,8292,256
Pet k'ril tsutsarothK'ril Tsutsaroth3104921,0411,3101,549
Prince black dragonPrince black dragon1,9503,0505,6147,5309,830
Pet krakenKraken4,0516,00611,75017,05023,070
Pet penance queenPenance Queen81136294410542
Pet dark coreDark core2634879711,2301,436
Pet snakelingSnakeling3,5775,3409,87014,34517,126
Chompy chickChompy chick4768582,2093,4515,573
Venenatis spiderlingVenenatis spiderling5909961,8962,3963,011
Callisto cubCallisto cub2444199691,3901,998
Vet'ion jr.Vet'ion jr.134203468617785
Scorpia's offspringScorpia's offspring3515729971,5012,006
Abyssal orphanAbyssal orphan764441,5722,5793,953
Rock golemRock golemN/A1,5596,33511,21717,222
Baby chinchompa (red)Baby chinchompaN/A1,3455,1198,09811,022
Giant squirrelGiant squirrelN/AN/A1,4187,57612,890
Rift guardian (fire)Rift guardianN/AN/A7633,5216,499


  • When a pet is in the inventory as an item, its name may be incorrectly capitalised; this is because all items in RuneScape use ucfirst capitalisation, wherein the first letter of a string is capitalised, but the rest is not. For example, as an inventory item, TzTok-Jad's pet is called Tzrek-jad, but as a follower it's called TzRek-Jad.


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