This article is about the Hunter area. For other uses, see Piscatoris.
Location on World Map
Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Unknown Piscatoris Woodland Tree Gnome Stronghold
Eagles' Peak (mountain)

The Piscatoris Woodland was one of three completely new areas opened up with the Hunter update. It is used as a main Hunter area for levels 3 to 69+. It can be found south of Piscatoris Fishing Colony, west of Tree Gnome Stronghold and just north of the Eagles' Peak. You can use the fairy ring code AKQ. Several types of hunting can be done here:

Piscatoris Hunter area map

The Piscatoris hunting area.

Hunter creaturesEdit

Tracking (Levels 3+)Edit

There are two creatures to track here:

Bird snaring (Levels 9+)Edit

There is one creature to snare here:

Butterfly netting (Levels 15+)Edit

There is only one creature to net here, but implings are known to appear here.

Deadfall trapping (Levels 23+)Edit

There are two creatures to trap with Deadfall:

Box trapping (Levels 53+ or 27+ after Eagles' Peak)Edit

There is one creature to trap with a box. If you've completed Eagles' Peak, you have the ability to trap ferrets which are used to snare rabbits.

Rabbit snaring (Levels 27+)Edit

The Piscatoris Woodland is the only place in RuneScape to snare rabbits (after completing Eagles' Peak). For more information on snaring rabbits, click here.


Main article: Falconry

This Hunter area is also the only in area in RuneScape to use falcons to catch kebbits. For more information on Falconry, click here.

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