Piscatoris mine
Piscatoris mine
Location South of the entrance to Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Members only? Yes
Rocks 2 Clay rocks
2 Tin rocks
2 Copper rocks
3 Iron rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Piscatoris Fishing Colony map

The Piscatoris mine is a mine located south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and north of Eagles' Peak. The mining site contains two copper rocks, two tin rocks, two clay rocks, and three iron rocks. It features one of the six places in RuneScape, with the other five being the Legends' Guild mine, Al Kharid mine, Lovakengj mine, Wilderness Resource Area, and Mining Guild, where three iron rocks can be mined without moving, which is great for power levelling. Fairy ring code AKQ allows quick access.

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