Bronze daggerIron dagger Steel dagger Black dagger White dagger Mithril dagger Adamant dagger Rune dagger Dragon dagger
Primary type Stab
Secondary type Slash
Speed Monster attack speed 6

Daggers are small, fast weapons which can be used in combat. The dagger is primarily a stabbing weapon, but a slashing attack style is also available. Interestingly, daggers are the only metal weapons that have a positive magic attack bonus.

Members have an advantage with daggers in that they can be poisoned. With weapon poison on their dagger, a player can reduce the opponents hitpoints quickly whilst poisoning them, reducing their hitpoints even more.

Scimitars are much stronger than daggers, however, and also attack at the same speed. Therefore they are preferred more by most players, especially when weapon poison does not matter.

Normal daggersEdit

Other daggersEdit

Some daggers that are not made of the "standard metals" yet can be equipped include:

Some non-equipable daggers include:

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