This article is about the mine located inside Port Khazard. For the mine south-west of Port Khazard, see Fight Arena mine.
Port Khazard mine
Fight Arena mine
Also known as? Khazard Mine(s)
Location Northern and southern Port Khazard
Members only? Yes
Rocks 2 tin rocks
2 copper rocks
2 mithril rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Port Khazard map

Port Khazard mine is a mining site found in Port Khazard. The mine actually consists of two smaller areas, which occupy the northern and southern parts of the port, but the proximity and small sizes of the two has generally led to them being considered as part of the same site.

The northern portion of the mine possesses one mithril rock and two tin rocks, as well as two exhausted rocks which never contain any ore, while the southern one has one mithril and two copper rocks. A deposit box can be found near the Fishing Trawler minigame, which makes it an ideal spot for players in need of tin and copper. The port also houses an anvil that can be used in conjunction with the Superheat Item spell in order to smith mined ore. The area's charter ships can also be used to reach various other ports.