Pothole Dungeon
Pothole Dungeon
Kingdom Karamja
Main Music Tribal Background
Levels 2
Strongest Monster Jogre
Quests Jungle Potion
Inhabitants/Race Jogres
Pothole Dungeon map
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The Pothole Dungeon (also known as the Jogre Dungeon) is located on Karamja, south of Brimhaven and northeast of Tai Bwo Wannai. Level 53 Jogres live here. This is the only place where rogue's purse herbs grow, and they can be found by searching the moss covered walls.

It is located directly south across the river from the volcano near Musa Point, at the end of a curved cliffside beach accessible only from the east end. There are multiple harpie bug swarms at the start of the beach, which may be aggressive depending on combat level. Search the pile of rocks near the end of the beach and you will be asked if you want to climb down into the dungeon.

Pothole Dungeon location

The dungeon entrance shown on the world map.