Potter's wheel

A Potter's Wheel is used to mold soft clay, obtainable by mixing water and clay, into other objects. With the relevant Crafting level the player makes unfired versions of clay items, gaining Crafting experience. The player sits down, operates the pedals with their feet and uses their hands to shape the malleable clay. The unfired items produced in this way can then be further refined by placement in a Pottery oven. Non-Members can make unfired Bowls, Pie dishes, and Pots while Members can create Pot lids and Plant pots. The following table shows potter's wheel locations, which are labelled with a potter's wheel Potters wheel icon icon on the player's Map.

Potter's wheel location Non-Members
Barbarian VillageLocated a short distance from Varrock and Edgeville. Probably the best place to get water and use the wheel as a free player with low crafting. You have access to a well and can take a short walk to Barbarian Village from Edgeville.
Crafting GuildProbably the best location, as the wheel is only a room away from clay mines and water sources.
Members Only
East ArdougneThis wheel is located near a water source and bank, though quite far from clay rocks.
RellekkaUsable after completing the quest The Fremennik Trials. A bank is a long walk away, but the wheel is located near clay mines and a water source.
Exam CentreVery distant to banks and clay mines, though has a northern water source.
SophanemPossibly the worst, as it is far from clay mines, water sources and a bank.

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