Level 55
Members only? Yes
Drain rate 3 points per minute
Effect Boosted stats last 50% longer

Preserve is a forgotten prayer that allows boosted stats to last 50% longer (combat and non-combat skills), requiring a Prayer level of 55 to activate. This makes it possible to decrease the consumption of stat boosting foods and potions, which may be expensive in long-term usage.

To unlock this prayer, the torn prayer scroll must be purchased or obtained as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric.


  • Upon release of the Chambers of Xeric, the prayer was unlocked via a single scroll which offered to unlock one of the three prayers: Preserve, Rigour, and Augury. The scroll was split in an update on 12 January 2017 so that the cost to unlock the Preserve prayer would not be tied to the much higher cost to unlock the other two.
  • The boosting effect of Preserve was improved in an update on 13 July 2017 to make boosted stats last 50% instead of 20% longer. The prayer point drain rate was also decreased from five points per minute to three points per minute.
  • RuneScape 3 has a similar curse, Berserker, which makes boosted stats last 50% longer, but drains at a much faster rate (50 points per minute, which is equivalent to 5 points per minute in OSRS).