Crown Prince Anlaf is the current ruler of Burthorpe, a small human settlement in northern Asgarnia that is currently engaged in a bloody war with the trolls. Anlaf is the son of King Vallance, the ruler of Asgarnia and an important figure within the White Knights of Falador. He is known to be a lover of puzzles and games.

Political unrest within Asgarnia has recently driven Prince Anlaf to drop from the public eye. Concerned with the possibility of assassination or capture, Anlaf has for some time governed Burthorpe behind closed doors.

Anlaf does not appear in the game, although he is referred to by several characters. He appears in the first RuneScape novel, Betrayal at Falador.


Early yearsEdit

Prince Anlaf was born to King Vallance and his wife some time around 130 or 140 of the Fifth Age, although no specific date has ever been given regarding his birth.

As Prince Anlaf progressed into young adulthood, his father felt the time had come for him to experience leadership first-hand. King Vallance gave his son lordship of the town of Burthorpe, a small settlement near the border of the Troll Country. It is possible that Vallance felt that Burthorpe's close proximity to the hostile trolls of the north would give his son a trying but necessary experience in governing.

For years Anlaf ruled Burthorpe, raising the Burthorpe Imperial Guard as its primary defence against the trolls in the north, beginning the Burthorpe - Troll Country War. The city's palace was fortified to better resist siege, while a massive series of tunnels and hidden chambers were created beneath it under Anlaf's supervision.

In 169, Anlaf opened what was formerly the private Burthorpe Games Room to the public. Here he hopes that gamers from all over Gielinor will engage in friendly competition.[1]

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