Protect from Magic
Protect from Magic Protect from magic overhead
Level 37
Drain rate 20 points per minute
Effect Protection from magic attacks - 100% resistance to NPC-dealt attacks, 40% to player-dealt attacks

Protect from Magic is a protection prayer unlocked at level 37 Prayer.

It casts a diagonal Magic spell bolt graphic above the player's head.

Protect from Magic grants players 100% resistance to NPC magic attacks, and 40% resistance to magic attacks dealt by players. It depletes prayer at a rate of 1 point per 3 seconds (or 5 game ticks).

When Protect from Magic is activated, the duration of the Bind, Snare, and Entangle spells is halved. This effect was removed in Deadman Mode season 6 in an attempt to make the standard spellbook more viable.

It should be noted that Protect from Magic does NOT affect splash chance in PvP situations, and it only mitigates damage dealt. A consequence of this is that Protect from Magic is useless when only trying to avoid being frozen by Ice spells or Bind/Snare/Entangle (but the prayer will still reduce the damage if hit).[1]


A strategy used to use as few prayer points as possible without losing the respective effect. Players may turn on their chosen prayer just before being hit by an enemy, and then turn off the prayer just after being hit. If a player does this extremely accurately, no prayer points will be lost (as the prayer will be on for only a few game ticks).