Protect from Melee
Protect from Melee Protect from melee overhead
Level 43
Drain rate 20 points per minute
Effect Protection from melee attacks - 100% resistance to NPC-dealt attacks, 40% to other players
Protect from Melee is an overhead Melee protection prayer accessible to players with a Prayer level of at least 43. The prayer allows the player to resist 100% of the incoming melee damage dealt by monsters. It depletes prayer at a rate of 1 point per 3 seconds (or 5 game ticks).

Tougher monsters, mainly PvM or certain quest bosses, are able to hit straight through this prayer (for example, Kruk from Monkey Madness II). Damage from other players is reduced as well, but only by 40%.

Protect from Melee is very useful when fighting monsters that have melee-based attacks, as it negates all melee damage. This makes it commonly sought after by players attempting to do quests.


A strategy used to use as few prayer points as possible without losing the respective effect. Players may turn on their chosen prayer just before being hit by an enemy, and then turn off the prayer just after being hit. If a player does this extremely accurately, no prayer points will be lost (as the prayer will be on for only a few game ticks).


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