Queen Efaritay is the legendary Icyene queen who ruled the kingdom of Hallowvale with her human husband Ascertes during the Third Age.

The only remaining memories of the once glamourous and revered Queen Efaritay are mentioned in letters and documents found in the once abandoned, now inhabitated city of Burgh de Rott and in ancient books in forgotten libraries.

On the basement wall of the run-down inn in Burgh de Rott there still hangs a plaque which reads: "Blessings on Efaritay, our Icyene Queen from far off lands and her loving children of Hallowed name."

And if that didn't convey her importance in those times, the ancient books of the secret library of the Temple of Paterdomus state it clearly:

  • “Eight centuries and score into the history of our land there came a darkness which fell about the land once called Hallowvale. The Queen of that sad time, an Icyene of once formidable power, became to be deposed by ‘his-dark-self’ and his hordes. Against all of her considerable will she was forced to kneel and attend ‘his-dark-self’ in order that she might save her loving husband Ascertes.”

- From an Ancient book from the secret library

  • “…One such tale is of a Queen from a far away land of considerable power and revered by the peoples. It is also claimed that the peoples named the land ‘Hallowvale’ after her, though there is no true record of this.”

- From a Battered tome from the secret library

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