This article is about the interface option. For the item, see Quest list. However, for comprehensive list of all quests in RuneScape, see List of quests.

The Quest List is a panel of the game interface. This interface shows the complete list of quests as well as miniquests.


The list is coloured-coded based on the progress made in each quest:

  • Yellow (In progress)
  • Green (Complete)
  • Red (Not started)
  • Blue (Marked on map)

Quest pointsEdit

At the top of the list , the number of quest points obtained out of the total amount possible is displayed.


Clicking on a quest name shows a screen with:

  • How to start the quest (if the player has not started it)
  • How to progress further in the quest
  • What the player has already done in the quest

Clicking on a quest that has been completed (displayed in green) shows a screen with:

  • What the player did during the quest
  • The reward(s) obtained

Useful journalsEdit

After completing certain quests, the Quest journal will give new information.

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