Quest points, often abbreviated as QP, are part of the reward players get after they complete quests. They are considered a completion measure of quests in RuneScape.

The amount of points awarded depends on the quest, ranging from 1 to 6 points. A special case is Recipe for Disaster, since it is split up into 10 sub-quests, each awarding 1QP.

A full list of quests, sortable by name, amount of QP, official length and membership requirement can be found on the Quest point table.

Purely Free-to-play players can get up to 40 quest points, the current maximum amount for Members is 252. To earn the right to wear the Quest point cape, players must complete every quest, and in addition earn an additional quest point by completing a second wishlist after Rag and Bone Man.

Miniquests, such as Curse of the Empty Lord or The Mage Arena do not give quest points.

QP requirementsEdit

Some activities require a player to have at least a certain amount of quest points:

Tears of GuthixEdit

Tears of Guthix is a minigame which can be played once a week and is unlocked by completing the quest of the same name. It is linked to Quest points in two ways:

  • The more quest points a player has, the longer they can stay in the minigame, which means they will have the chance to collect more tears and get more experience in their lowest skill.


  • In 2001, completing some quests would add to the "influence" skill. Later, the "influence" skill was replaced by the quest point system.
  • RuneScape Classic players could have up to 112 quest points.

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