Release date 31 May 2005 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Dwarf
Quest NPC? No
Location Keldagrim
Sells items? Keldagrim's Best Bread
Gender Male
He's selling his bread on the market here.
Keldagrim Palace Map

Randivor runs Keldagrim's Best Bread in Keldagrim, a stall operated in Keldagrim's eastern marketplace. Although players with level 5 Thieving can steal from his stall and earn 16 experience upon success, this method is strongly not recommended due to rapid attack from the Black Guards if caught and a slow respawn timer of nine seconds, which is significantly slower than the Ardougne Baker's Stall.

When Keldagrim was hidden from the surface, it was unable to acquire basic crops such as wheat. Since it opened its doors to humans, however, imported grain has allowed the dwarves to create a variety of dishes.

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