Red chinchompa hunting ground
Red chinchompa hunting ground entrance
Kingdom Feldip Hills
Main Music Jungle Hunt
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Carnivorous chinchompa (level 2)
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Chinchompa
Red chinchompa hunting ground map
Click the map to view a larger version.

The Red chinchompa hunting ground is a small dungeon located south of Feldip Hills, just south of the Hunting expert, who sells the Hunter cape. The cave is guarded by another Hunting expert and will only give you entry after completing the Hard Western Provinces Diary.

The area contains 15 carnivorous chinchompas which is beneficial to those who wish to hunt red chinchompas, due to being almost always crowded by bots outside of the cave.


Red chinchompa hunting ground location

The location shown on the map.

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