Rune javelin
Rune javelin Rune javelin (p)
Release date 21 January 2004 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
High Alch 240 coins
Low Alch 160 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 359 coins
(Tribal Weapon Salesman|Void Knight Archery Store)
Exchange price Clean:
141 coins
314 coins
310 coins
433 coins
Weight 0 kg
A rune tipped javelin.
Rune javelin detail

The rune javelin is a type of members ranged ammunition used by ballistae. They are the third strongest type of javelin, rivaled by the amethyst javelin and dragon javelin.

They can be fletched by attaching rune javelin heads to javelin shafts at level 77 Fletching, granting 186 experience per 15 javelins made. They can also be obtained by buying them from the Ranging Guild, the Void Knight Archery Store or from Oobapohk's Javelin Store after Monkey Madness II.

Hover over image for type Rune javelin equipped
A player wielding a rune javelin before its conversion from a throwing weapon to an ammunition.
Attack-icon Attack bonus
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Defence-icon Defence bonus
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Melee Other bonuses Slot
Strength-icon RangedStrength-icon MagicDamage-icon Prayer-icon

Ammo slotlist

+0 +124 0% +0

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Iron dragon 189; 215 4 2; Common
Steel dragon 246; 274 2–7 2; Common
Mithril dragon 304 8 2; Common
Rare drop table Varies 5 3; Uncommon
Salarin the Twisted 70 1–5 5; Very rare


  • Before the release of Monkey Madness II, rune javelins were equippable in the Weapon slot, providing a Ranged Attack of +38 and a Ranged Strength of +42.
  • On 31 October 2016, the rune javelin's Ranged Strength bonus was changed from +145 to +124.[1]


  1. Mod Archie. "Ballista/Javelin Stat Changes." October 31, 2016. Old School Announcements Forums.

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