Sanguinesti Region
Overlooking Castle Drakan
Leader Lord Drakan
Members Only Yes
No. of Banks 0
No. of Altars 0
Guilds None
Peaks None
Inhabitants/Race Vampyres, Humans, Cats, Dogs
Sanguinesti region map
Click the map to view a larger version.

The Sanguinesti region is a large area found in southeast Morytania. So far, the area consists almost entirely of Meiyerditch. It is swarming with vampyres. The only humans in the area are farmed for their blood like cattle. The Darkness of Hallowvale quest takes place almost entirely in this area.

Although the only part of it players can visit so far is Meiyerditch, there are said to be several more areas further within the region. Castle Drakan is also in the game already, but it is so far unreachable and serves no real purpose.

It is ruled by Lord Drakan and his family.

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