This article is about the farming item. For trees found in the Chambers of Xeric, see Sapling (Chambers of Xeric).
Sapling detail

A Sapling is a tree seedling that has grown sufficiently to be planted in a tree patch. Players must have the appropriate Farming level to plant the sapling in a tree patch, which can be aided by temporary boosts. Players may apply compost, supercompost, or ultracompost to a tree patch before planting the sapling.

Despite not being farming produce, Tool Leprechauns will note saplings. Players should be careful when planting saplings as otherwise they will have to visit a bank to unnote them.

List of saplingsEdit


Sapling Farming-icon level Planting
Exchange price
Oak sapling Oak sapling 15 14 249
Willow sapling Willow sapling 30 25 9,914
Maple sapling Maple sapling 45 45 53,315
Yew sapling Yew sapling 60 81 87,513
Magic sapling Magic sapling 75 145.5 205,594

Fruit treesEdit

Sapling Farming-icon level Planting
Exchange price
Apple sapling Apple sapling 27 22 173
Banana sapling Banana sapling 33 28 169
Orange sapling Orange sapling 39 35.5 255
Curry sapling Curry sapling 42 40 978
Pineapple sapling Pineapple sapling 51 57 4,543
Papaya sapling Papaya sapling 57 72 9,587
Palm sapling Palm sapling 68 110.5 63,029

Special treesEdit

Sapling Farming-icon level Planting
Exchange price
Teak sapling Teak sapling 35 25 13,323
Mahogany sapling Mahogany sapling 55 63 27,945
Calquat sapling Calquat sapling 72 129.5 622
Sapling Spirit sapling 83 199.5 N/A


  • Prior to an update on 29 January 2015, saplings were not tradeable.

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