Bronze scimitarIron scimitarSteel scimitarBlack scimitarWhite scimitarMithril scimitarAdamant scimitarRune scimitarGilded scimitarDragon scimitar
Primary type Slash
Secondary type Unknown edit

Scimitars (pronounced "Si-me-tars") are weak, but fast, slashing weapons. They are identical in damage and attack speed to daggers and maces. Scimitars have the reputation of being the best weapon in the game for Melee leveling, due to their fast attack speed and high bonus to slash attack.

Scimitars can be made with the Smithing skill, purchased at a scimitar shop identified with the scimitar Scimitar shop icon icon on the map, or bought from other players.

One such scimitar shop is Zeke's Superior Scimitars, located in Al Kharid. Unfortunately, it only sells bronze, iron, steel, and mithril scimitars. There is also a members-only scimitar shop located in the Ape Atoll that is only available after completing the Monkey Madness quest. This shop sells the Dragon scimitar.

Types of Scimitar Edit


  • When you ask Zeke in Al-Kharid if you can buy a dragon scimitar, he tells you "Only the banana brained nit-wits who make them" This is a reference to the monkeys from Ape Atoll who create them.

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