Seers Village Agility Course Map

Mini-map Location

Location on World Map
Sinclair Mansion
McGrubor's Wood Agility course Camelot
Sorcerer's Tower

The Seers' Village Rooftop Agility Course is available to players with an Agility level of 60 or over. The course is also a part of the Elite Treasure Trails, where a clue may direct the player to a crate on top one of the buildings that are part of the agility course.

It can be started by climbing up the wall near the entrance of Seer's Village bank and is finished by jumping off the roof of the church, by the Yew trees. Players get 570 experience from completing the course.

There are two locations where the player may fail; Jump Gap 1 and Tightrope Walk. At level 72 Agility, you will not fail the first jump gap, and at 79 Agility, you will not fail the tightrope walk.

If a player is having trouble with failing obstacles and being low on hitpoints, they can use the Rapid Heal prayer and refresh their prayer points at the altar upon completing their lap.

Wearing Kandarin headgear is NOT needed to increase the spawn rate of Marks of grace; simply finishing the task set will provide the bonuses. The increased rates vary from 5-15% depending on the task set completed; 5% from easy to 15% from hard.

If players want to get more marks of grace from this course, completing the Hard Kandarin diary is recommended. The player should also change their Camelot teleport to direct them outside the seers bank. This will cut a significant amount of time going back to the start and will increase the experience gained up to 55,000 per hour.

If this course is started at level 60, it would take 814 complete laps to reach level 70. A perfect lap takes exactly 45 seconds, meaning that at maximum efficiency, the maximum amount of experience gained is 45,600 per hour. This means that training from 60 to 70 will require 10-11 hours of relatively concentrated training.

Experience per obstacle
Image Obstacle Experience
Seers' Village Agility Course 1 Climb-up Wall 45
Seers' Village Agility Course 2 Jump Gap 1 20
Seers' Village Agility Course 3 Cross Tightrope 20
Seers' Village Agility Course 4 Jump Gap 2 35
Seers' Village Agility Course 5 Jump Gap 3 15
Seers' Village Agility Course 6 Jump Edge 435
Total 570


  • Part of the course is accessible to the One Small Favour quest, where the player has to repair a weathervane on the top of a building. This makes it the only Agility course that can be visited without the required Agility level, though players are unable to finish the course if reaching the roof from the ladder (you must start from the bank).