Instruction manual
This is the quick guide for Shades of Mort'ton.
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Start point Quest Find the Diary of Herbi Flax on a shelf in a house on the southwest side of the village.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description The townsfolk of Mort'ton have some form of strange affliction and the town is full of Shades. Can you find some way to reverse this?
Length Short
Items required

Optional but recommended:

Enemies to defeat 5 Loar Shades (level 40)



  • Enter the ruined house in the south-west of Mort'ton.
  • Search the shelf on the wall. And read the diary.
  • (Optional) Pick up the empty vials and search the smashed table for extra tarromin and one rogue's purse.

Serum 207Edit

  • Make Serum 207 by adding clean tarromin and ashes to a vial of water.
  • Use it on Razmire (afflicted) in the general store. (Chat options 4-1) 
  • Kill five loar shades and pick up their remains. Be sure to talk to Razmire first.
  • Give him the remains. He may require more Serum 207.
  • Use the serum on Ulsquire Shauncy, located in the house east of the general store.
  • Wait a minute and ask him about the remains and the temple.
  • Talk to Razmire. (Chat options 3-2-4-1)
  • Buy at least one olive oil from his general store.
  • Open his builders' store.
  • Buy 5 timber beams, 5 limestone bricks, 25 swamp paste and optionally a Flamtaer hammer.

Repairing the templeEdit

  • Head north-east of Mort'ton and repair the temple until you reach 100% repair and at least 10 sanctity. (use world 77 the official world to make it easier)
  • Light the sacred altar in the centre of the temple.
  • Use your olive oil on the flame to make sacred oil.
  • (Optional) Use Serum 207 on the flame to make Serum 208, which permanently cures NPCs.

Burning a shadeEdit

  • Use the sacred oil on a log to create a pyre log.
  • Head west of Mort'ton. Use the pyre log then Loar remains on the funeral pyre
  • Light the funeral pyre.
  • Collect the reward.
  • Talk to Ulsquire.
  • Quest complete!

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