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Sheep Herder (#34)
Sheep Herder
Members only? Yes
Release date 15 August 2002 (Update)
Quest series Plague/Elf
Official difficulty Novice
Developer Tom W
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Start point Quest Speak to Councillor Halgrive outside of the East Ardougne church.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Dispose of plagued sheep and save Ardougne!
Length Short
Requirements None
Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Sheep herder 1

The start point.

  1. Speak to Councillor Halgrive. He will say that he is concerned about some plagued sheep and would like you to get rid of them by poisoning them and incinerating them in a special area they set up by Farmer Brumty. He will give you some poisoned sheep feed and then tell you to pick up a plague suit from Doctor Orbon.
  2. Head inside the church and talk to Doctor Orbon, who will ask for 100 coins in return for the suit.
  3. Head to the incinerator north of the bank on the northern side of East Ardougne. Enter the fenced enclosure using the gate on the west side.
  4. Take the cattleprod lying on the ground near the incinerator.
  5. Now, you can begin to dispose of the sheep by wielding the prod and then using it to direct the sheep into the pen around the barn. You only need one of each colour (in any order), and you can finish one sheep at a time.
Sheep Herder and Mourning's Ends I map

Sheep locations.

  1. The first sheep is located by the north entrance to the city. It is red.
  2. The second is north-east of the first one. It is green.
  3. The third is located north-west of the farm near some warrior women. It is blue.
  4. The fourth is outside the Fishing Guild, which is directly east of #3. It is yellow.

Note: The sheep have two bleats: one in capital letters, BAA, and the other one lower cased, baa. When directing them to the incinerator complex, if they baa in lower case, they will walk back to their initial area. An easy trick is to spam click the sheep so that it does not walk back to its initial area.

Sheep Herder Sheep

All four sheep in the pen.

5. Once you have directed them to the gate of the incinerator complex, give each sheep some poisoned food to kill them, collect their bones once they drop, and then use them on the incinerator.

6. After all of the bones have been incinerated, head back to Halgrive and claim your reward of 3,000 coins (and expenses of 100 coins), and you are done with the quest.


Sheep Herder reward scroll

Required for completingEdit

Completion of Sheep Herder is required for the following: