Shortcut keys are keys assigned to perform specific tasks quickly in place of mouse clicks or a longer series of keystrokes. The following keys or key combinations are assigned the following functions in the Runescape user Interface.

The "F" keys are found at the top of most 101 key keyboards, and are numbered F1 through F12

Key Function
F1 Switch to the Combat tab.
F2 Switch to the Skills tab.
F3 Switch to the Quests/Achievement Diary tab.
F4 Switch to the Worn Equipment tab.
F5 Switch to the Prayers tab.
F6 Switch to the Spell book tab.
F7 Switch to the Clan Chat tab.
F8 Switch to the Friends List tab.
F9 Switch to the Ignore List tab.
F10 Switch to the options tab.
F11 Switch to the emotes tab.
F12 Switch to the music tab.
Esc Switch to the Inventory tab.
Alt-F4 Close browser window. (This is browser/OS command, though, not a Runescape hot key.)
Tab Reply to last private message.
1-5 Used in character dialog to choose a response.
Space Used in the Make X interface to continue with the default settings or in character dialog to continue.

NOTE: <ALT-F4>, <CTRL-F4>, and <CTRL-W> will immediately close your browser and/or tab. If your character was not in combat, your account will be logged off due to losing connection. If your character was in combat, the combat will continue for a short while, before your character is logged off.

If you die from the combat, you drop all your items, based on the rules for items carried and for your current location.

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