Silly jester outfit equipped male

Silly jester outfit equipped.

Silly jester costume is obtained during The Fremennik Isles quest. Each piece gives a small magic defense bonus, and a small negative range defense bonus. Most noteably, the Silly jester boots are a cheaper alternative to boots with magic defense, tied with the magic defense of Infinity boots. This can be taken advantage of when facing bosses or monsters that deal magic damage, such as Dagannoth Prime.

The costume consists of:

If a player were to lose any part of their Silly jester costume set, they can get them back by searching the king's chest on Jatizso.

Set Bonuses Edit

Item Defence Bonus
Silly jester hat 000 +5 -5
Silly jester top 000 +5 -5
Silly jester tights 000 +5 -5
Silly jester boots 0 0 0 +5 -5
Defence Bonus
Total 0 0 0 +20 -20

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