The Sink is a piece of furniture that can be built in the Kitchen of a player-owned house with level 47 in the Construction skill. When built, it grants 300 Construction experience. Players can use an empty bucket or other such item to receive water from the sink. There is no practical use of having this piece of furniture in one's house over a pump and drain, other than looking fancier. The Sink is the 'best' of its type, as there are no further upgrades over it.

Sinks are relatively expensive to build, and inconvenient too as they will require 15 of your inventory slots (plus a saw and hammer, etc.). Using them for experience is highly inefficient.

Similar sinks are also found commonly around RuneScape, and can be similarly used as a source of water. Their examine text is "Running water - a nice feature". The sink in the Crafting Guild reads "Wash your hands!"