Skeleton monkey
Release date 6 December 2004 (Update)
Members? Yes
Combat level 142
Always drops Bones
It looks just a bit... underfed.
Combat info
Hitpoints 110
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hit 12
Weakness Salve amulet, Salve amulet(e), Crumble Undead
Attack Styles
Melee (slash)
Slayer-icon Slayer info
Slayer level 1
Slayer XP 110
Category Monkey
Assigned by
Turael chathead
Combat-icon Combat stats
Attack-icon Strength-icon Defence-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
180 90 110 1 110
Attack-icon Aggressive stats
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Defence-icon Defensive stats
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Other bonuses Immunities
Strength-icon RangedStrength-icon Attack-icon Poison hitsplat Venom hitsplat
+0 +0 +50 Not immune Not immune
Attack speed
Monster attack speed 6

Skeletons are undead gorillas found in the multi-combat Ape Atoll Dungeon. Players are required to run past them during the Monkey Madness quest in order to reach Zooknock. Players are advised to use Protect from Melee against these monsters, as they attack accurately and can easily overwhelm with their sheer numbers. After the player obtains their first monkey greegree during the quest, skeletons and all other monsters in the tunnel will be unaggressive for as long as it is equipped.

Skeletons are generally a menace towards players. However, due to their tendency to cluster together when attacking, they can be killed for high rates of experience by using "area of effect" attacks such as chinchompas or burst and barrage spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook.

They are a form of Undead, meaning they are susceptible to the effects of Crumble Undead and the Salve amulet. Because of this, one can potentially earn vast amounts of melee experience per hour, especially with the use of the dragon 2h sword's special attack.. It should be noted that the effect of the Salve amulet (i) only applies to the primary target when using multi-target attacks; therefore it only marginally improves experience rates when using chinchompas or ancients. It is still, however, advisable to use it, as hitting a 0 on the primary target results in no damage to all targets.

It is worth noting that these skeletons have the tendency of spawning from the bones they drop. To prevent an overflow of extra skeletons, they will disappear into a pile of burning bones after a short while. When they respawn, they do so with an animation of them coming out of the ground, this is unique among other monsters. The bones cannot be taken away from Ape Atoll, and when teleporting out a message appears saying 'The skeleton bones you are carrying crumble to dust'. Ashes are then left in your inventory.



As stated previously, skeleton monkeys provide excellent Ranged experience rates when attacked with chinchompas of any kind. High ranged bonus is advisable to reduce the amount of failed attacks. It should be advised that upon death, ALL chinchompas will be lost, and they will not retrievable upon death. Low levels or people who suffer from lag should consider bringing far fewer chinchompas.


Using Ancient Magicks to kill skeleton monkeys is considered one of the best magic training methods. Due to the high cost of runes it is recommended to bring good equipment to minimise the amount of "splashing". Note that in some cases prayer bonus should be prioritised over magic bonus.

*This cannot be used to autocast ancients, and its toxic variant reduces experience rates with its venom damage. Use it at your own discretion.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bones Bones (Ape Atoll) 1 Always Not sold
Skeleton champion scroll Skeleton champion scroll 1 Very rare (1/5,000) Not sold

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