Miniquest DetailsEdit

Start point Quest Speak to Skippy located south-east of the town of Rimmington.
Official difficulty
Description Help a drunken man haunted by the curse of the Mogres.
Length Very short
Items required
Enemies to defeat None


Skippy chathead

Skippy was attacked by mogres.

  • Teleport to Draynor and pick some nettles along the south wall of Draynor Village jail. Wear gloves when picking nettles.
  • Travel south-east of Rimmington and north-west of the fishing spots, and look for Skippy along the shore.
He is the only NPC wobbling around in the area, so he shouldn't be too hard to find.
  • Talk to him.
He's a little drunk and rambles on about something. You'll have to knock some sense into him somehow.
Right-click him and choose "Sober-Up Skippy" with the bucket of water in your inventory.
He gets annoyed but seems a bit more sober and asks for a bowl of hot nettle tea to warm himself up.
Note: If you didn't already pick some, you can find nettles along the south wall of Draynor Village jail. Wear gloves when picking nettles.
  • Use a bowl of water with nettles to create nettle-water, and then use this liquid on a range or fire. A close range is in Rimmington or in the house near Hetty. The fireplace inside Ned's house also works (although does not have a range icon on the map). Be sure not to drink or empty it instead.
  • Head back to Skippy, and use the nettle tea on him (be sure to right-click it, or else you will drink it) to warm him up.
Now, however, he has a hangover and wants a hangover cure.
  • Use the hangover cure on Skippy, who becomes cured.
He tells you about the Mogres who attacked him and how he escaped.

Congratulations! You've completed Skippy and the Mogres.


Trivia Edit

  • Skippy's phrase "The horror! The horror!" that he sometimes shouts while throwing things into the water is a reference to the famous line in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

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