Abbreviation Meaning
L, Lol, Lul, Lel Laugh out loud
L Jack/Lumb Jack Lumberjack clothing
Law(s) Law rune
LBS Leaf-bladed sword, Leaf-bladed spear
Legs Platelegs
Lesser Lesser demon
LFC Looking For Clan
Life Ring of life
Loafer Someone who does nothing in a team-work based game. Many look down upon these people because of the fact that they earn rewards without helping.
Lob, Lobby, Lobs Lobster
Loc Location
Long Longsword, longbow
Looter One that gathers on the spot of a kill in hopes they can get something valuable.
Lpot Lobster pot
LS LootShare
LSP LootShare potential
Lsed Lsed is that the victim is being "loot-shared" by 2 or more people, teaming up on their victim in hopes of good loot.
Lumby/Lummy Lumbridge

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