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Abbreviation Meaning
SC Skill capes
SOTD Staff of the dead
SSC Stronghold Slayer Cave
Safer Someone who heals at a life points value that is greater than the maximum hit of the opponent or in some cases eating to full Hitpoints. Typically used in the context of one-on-one PvP. Although, some use it in multi-way combat incorrectly.
Santa Santa hat
Saph, Sapp Sapphire
Sara Saradomin
Scimmy, Skimmy, Scim, Skim Scimitar
Seers Seers' Village
Sgs Saradomin godsword
Shilo Shilo Village
Short Shortsword/Shortbow
Skirt Plateskirt
Skiller Someone who trains non-combat skills (can be any Combat level)/more commonly someone who trains non-combat skills primarily or exclusively. See Skill pure.
Snipe To receive a desirable drop in LootShare in RS3, when one does not have the highest LootShare potential in the team.

To target and gain a desirable item by outbidding or beating another player to it. See Sniping.

SOS/Stronghold Stronghold of Security
Spec Special attack
Spec (SS) Spectral spirit shield
Sq Square shield
Stl Steel
Str Strength
SS Saradomin sword, screenshot
Super sets (Sup att/atk, Sup def, Sup str) Super attack potion, Super defence potion, Super strength potion
Sword Swordfish, Sword, or Longsword

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