Abbreviation Meaning
T Torag's
Tally/Tali Talisman
Tab A teleport tablet
Tassy, Tassets Bandos tassets
Tav/Tavvy Taverley
Tb, Tbed, Tb'ed, Tb'd Tele Block, reference to someone getting teleport blocked, mainly used during PKing.

Can also refer to the Trouble Brewing minigame.

T Bow Twisted bow, Training bow
TC Team cape
Terminator A bot used for Player killing.
Tfw That feeling when...
Til Until, Today I learned...
Tnl To Next Level
TOC Time on clock
Total/ttl Total level
Tp Teleport, Trading post
TT Treasure Trail, Temple Trekking
TTB Trips to bank. Used to refer how many trips to the bank someone is going to do (e.g. I'll do 5 more TTB and I'll go to PVP). Used mainly while Mining, Woodcutting or Fishing.

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