Slepe Dungeon
Slepe Dungeon
Kingdom Morytania
Main Music Bloodbath
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Bat
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Humans, Vampyres
Slepe Dungeon map
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The Slepe Dungeon is a dungeon found in the town of Slepe. In order to enter the dungeon, players must climb down a ladder via a house south of the town's church.

To the east of the dungeon, Hameln the Jester and Hanchen the Hound can be found. According to Hameln, they are at the entrance to the Sanctuary, which is found below the dungeon and is currently sealed off.

To the north, players can cast Telekinetic Grab on the bloody grimoire that is found in the inaccessible room that contains many barrels of blood.

Further north, the vampyre Kroy can be seen experimenting on potions in a makeshift laboratory. The ladder can be climbed, leading to the ground floor of the Crombwick Manor.

North of Kroy's laboratory, a room with six hidden statues can be seen with an old key laying on the floor, which is used open the chest on the 2nd floor[?] of the Slepe church. This room, and by extension the old key, cannot currently be reached.