Sorceress's Garden map

A map of the Sorceress's Garden.

The Sorceress's Garden is a minigame located in the southeastern side of Al Kharid. A player needs to talk to Osman and he will inform you that he wants Sq'irk juice. The player will need to go to the Sorceress' Garden to collect the fruit on the trees and squeeze into an empty beer glass. There is no actual garden that a player can see from the outside, just a normal house with an NPC named Apprentice.

Gaining access to the garden by talking to Apprentice. You have to initially talk to her and LISTEN to her to be able to gain access, if not, she will teleport you out of the house. Once you are teleported to the garden you will be in the center and now you can "right-click- Teleport" to the garden, skipping the dialog. To exit the garden you can drink from the fountain in the center. The garden has four gates, four seasons.

Autumn Garden is located in the South, Summer is located in the North, Winter is located in the West, and Spring is located in the East. Each garden has a thieving level to enter.

The purpose of this minigame is to collect enough fruit in the garden to fill an empty beer glass with its juice. Once you have a glass you can give it to Osman and he will provide you with Thieving Experience. But beware, getting to the fruit tree is a lot more difficult than it seems. In each garden, the player will trek through the shrubs without being caught by the corresponding Element. The Element stay on a fixed path and will teleport you back to the center of the garden when you are caught. The Elements see directly in front of them, not on the side.

In each garden, if you don't want to collect the fruit and want to gain various of herb there is a Herb Patch. You will gain farming experience and random types and numbers of herbs. Different seasons provide different types of herbs.

After getting the fruit/herbs you will be teleported back to the center of the garden. One fruit per run.

Season Thieving Level Sq'irks Require to fill Beer Glass Farming exp Exp granted per filled glass
Winter 1 5 30 350
Spring 25 4 40 1350
Autumn 45 3 50 2350
Summer 65 2 60 3000

Picking the herbs grant 50 Farming Experience.

You can also drink the juice instead of giving them to Osman. They provided the following stats:

Sq'irk Juice Thieving Stat Bonus
Spring +1
Autumn +2
Summer +3

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