South-east Ardougne mine
South Ardougne Mine
Also known as? Monastery Mine, South Ardougne Mine
Location South of Ardougne, near the Monastery
Members only? Yes
Rocks 6 Iron ore
4 Coal
Monsters None
Requirements None
Ardougne Monastery map

The South-east Ardougne mine, also referred to as Monastery Mine or South Ardougne Mine, can be found south of East Ardougne and east of the Clock Tower near the Kandarin Monastery. It contains four (4) coal rocks and six (6) iron rocks, which form a channel leading to the monastery door.

The mine can be useful for mining the resources for steel bars, as there is a furnace in East Ardougne.

The closest bank is the southern bank in Ardougne, which is north-east of the mine, although this is several clicks on the mini-map away. However, players who have the Ardougne cloak 1 and Glory teleports to Edgeville, or a ring of dueling to Castle Wars, have quick banking when using this mine. They can use the cloak to teleport to the monastery, mine the iron and/or coal outside the building, use the amulet or ring to teleport to the bank, and then repeat, thus potentially making this area very popular for training.