This article is about the NPC summoned by lizardman shamans. For other uses, see Spawn (disambiguation).
Spawn (shaman)
Release date 21 January 2016 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Lizardman
Quest NPC? No
Location West of Lizardman Canyon
Lizardman Caves
Sells items? No
Gender N/A
Aww, how cute.

Spawns are NPCs summoned by lizardman shamans, signalled by the player's screen shaking briefly and the shaman raising its hands. Three spawns appear each time.

The spawns will approach a player, and will self-destruct seconds later. Players should run away from them before they self-destruct, or they will be dealt 5-10 damage per spawn within a 5x5 radius. If the player stays behind an obstacle when spawns are summoned, the spawns will wander around randomly before self-destructing.

Other players in the vicinity will also be hurt by the spawns.

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