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1Law rune2Cosmic rune3Astral rune


Dream Mentor
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Spellbook Swap
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The Spellbook Swap spell is one of the Lunar spells which gives the caster the choice to switch between one of their enabled spellbooks for only one spell, or two minutes if no spells from the alternate spellbook is cast. For example if a player has the Lunar Magic spell book enabled, then they will cast this spell and choose 'modern spellbook'. Now they have the chance to use one modern spell just once. After the spell from the other spellbook is cast, the Lunar spellbook automatically returns. Players can continue doing this if they keep recasting the spell. The spell also can be used to cast spells from the Ancient Magicks and Arceuus spellbooks, providing that they have unlocked those spellbooks.

The spell can be useful for combining teleport spells from different spell books. The occasional High Alchemy of valuable slayer monster drops also seems a likely usage. The spell book swap also opens the Lunar spellbook to the offensive capabilities from the other types of magic, although with a much reduced frequency. However, with a requirement of level 96 Magic (tied with Ghorrok Teleport for highest magic requirement of all spells), this option is available only to very high level players.

Although very expensive, it can be a very good training method to Spell Book Swap and cast High Level Alchemy afterwards, gaining 195xp per cast from both spells.

Remember, you cannot use normal Magic or Ancient Magicks spells if you are using Lunar spells, except by use of the Spellbook Swap spell.


Spell cost
1Law rune2Cosmic rune3Astral rune931

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