A Square shield is a type of metal shield with a rectangular shape.

Compared to the kiteshield, both have very strong Slash defence. However square shields are strong against Stab attacks and weak to Crush attacks while kiteshields are vice-versa. This is similar to the relation between platebodies and chainbodies; however, kiteshields will have the same or superior Stab defence to their square counterparts. While they provide less overall defence than a kiteshield, they weigh slightly less, take fewer bars to make and do not provide negative Magic defence.

ShieldDefence-icon levelSmithing-icon levelAttackDefence
Bronze sq shield Bronze sq shield 1 8 -6 -2+5+6+4+0+5
Iron sq shield Iron sq shield 1 23 -6 -2+8+9+7+0+8
Steel sq shield Steel sq shield 5 38 -6 -2+12+13+11+0+12
Black sq shield Black sq shield 10 --* -6 -2+15+16+14+0+15
White sq shield White sq shield 10 --* -6 -2+15+16+14+0+15
Mithril sq shield Mithril sq shield 20 58 -6 -2+17+19+15+0+17
Adamant sq shield Adamant sq shield 30 78 -6 -2+24+26+22+0+24
Rune sq shield Rune sq shield 40 93 -6 -2+38+40+36+0+38
Dragon sq shield Dragon sq shield** 60 60** -6 -2+50+52+48+0+50

* Black sq shields can only be obtained as monster drops. White sq shields have the same bonuses except for an additional +1 Prayer, and require completion of the Wanted! quest, after which they can be bought from Sir Vyvin.

** Dragon sq shield isn't created from metal, but smithed from two halves: shield left half and shield right half.

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