Stamina potion
Stamina potion(1) Stamina potion(2) Stamina potion(3) Stamina potion(4)
Release date 3 July 2014 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
High Alch 240 coins
Low Alch 160 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price 4 dose:
5,103 coins
3 dose:
3,762 coins
2 dose:
2,652 coins
1 dose:
1,443 coins
Weight 0 kg
X dose(s) of stamina potion.

A stamina potion restores 20% of the player's run energy per dose and reduces the rate that run energy depletes while running by 70% for 2 minutes. This effect does not stack and its timer resets each time the player drinks a dose.

A stamina potion can be made with 77 Herblore by mixing a super energy potion with amylase crystals. One amylase crystal is required per dose, granting 25.5 Herblore experience each. Making a 3 dose potion gives 76.5 experience, whereas a 4 dose potion gives 102 experience. Players with 86 Herblore can mix caviar into a 2-dose stamina potion to create a 2-dose stamina mix.

Stamina potions can also be obtained by giving Torstol to Dr. Jekyll when he appears. This can be useful for ironmen to obtain stamina potions before 77 Herblore to build the Revitalisation pool.

Price per doseEdit

Item Price per dose
Stamina potion(1) Stamina potion(1) 1,443
Stamina potion(2) Stamina potion(2) 1,326
Stamina potion(3) Stamina potion(3) 1,254
Stamina potion(4) Stamina potion(4) 1,276


Stamina potion(4) Stamina potion
Herblore-icon Coins 25 High Level Alchemy icon -
102[1] XP 160 240 -
Herblore Herblore level 77
Super energy(4) Super energy 1
Amylase crystal 4 Amylase crystal 1 (per dose)

Production costsEdit

Material Material cost Profit Profit/XP
Super energy(1) Super energy(1) 1,768 -325 -12.75
Super energy(2) Super energy(2) 3,247 -595 -11.67
Super energy(3) Super energy(3) 4,493 -731 -9.56
Super energy(4) Super energy(4) 6,126 -1,023 -10.03


  • Upon release, the colour of the liquid was dark orange, but was recoloured in an update the week after due to complaints about the potion looking similar in appearance to the Zamorak brew.
  • The sound that plays when a stamina potion wears off is that of the Homunculus.


  1. Each stamina potion dose gives 25.5 herblore experience.

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