Stolen garnet ring
Stolen garnet ring
Release date 7 January 2016 (Update)
Members only Yes
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy You will fail Captain Khaled's task.
Store price Not sold
Weight 0 kg
Drop Rate Unknown edit
Drops From Unknown edit
Somebody is going to miss this.

A stolen garnet ring is obtained by stealing artifacts from houses in the residential district in the Piscarilius House in Great Kourend. This must be given to Captain Khaled in exchange for 600-1000 coins along with thieving experience (appropriate to the player's thieving level) and 2% favour towards the Piscarilius House. According to Captain Khaled, the stolen artifacts are shipped overseas.

In order to help Captain Khaled with stealing artifacts, players require level 41 Thieving and 75% favour with the Piscarilius House.