This article is about the Magic spell. For the temporary status, see Stun (status).

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1Soul rune12Earth rune12Water rune


Stun is a level 80 Magic spell. When cast on an opponent, their attack level is reduced by 10%.

The spell gives 90 Magic experience and needs 1 Soul, 12 Earth, and 12 Water runes to be cast.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar spells if you are using standard spells.


Spell cost
12Water rune12Earth rune1Soul rune268
Combo runes
12Water rune1Soul rune12Dust rune244
1Soul rune12Mud rune2,728
12Water rune1Soul rune12Lava rune244
12Earth rune1Soul rune12Steam rune928
12Earth rune1Soul rune12Mist rune688
12Earth rune1Soul runeStaff of water208
12Water rune1Soul runeStaff of earth208
12Earth rune1Soul runeMist battlestaff208
12Water rune1Soul runeDust battlestaff208
1Soul runeMud battlestaff148
12Water rune1Soul runeLava battlestaff208
12Earth rune1Soul runeSteam battlestaff208

Magic trainingEdit

Stunning is commonly used as a method for Magic training.

The popular locations that are used for training with Stun are Edgeville, casting at skeletons in the first few levels of the Wilderness; at the caged Monk of Zamorak at Varrock Palace and in the Magic Guild basement, where there are caged zombies. However, any location with a safe spot can be used.

Because Stun cannot be autocast, repeatedly casting it on monsters involves a lot of clicking.

When using this method, the maximum experience rate is 108,000 experience per hour, at 1,200 casts per hour (1 cast every 3 seconds).

One other method of using Stun, is to use it in combination with High Level Alchemy, known as stun-alching.

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