Shove (dragon spear)

A player being stunned by another player.

Being stunned is a temporary status that causes an affected entity unable to do certain actions for a short period. Most types of stuns are indicated by yellow circling birds around the head of the entity.


When a player unsuccessfully attempts to pickpocket a target, they are temporarily stunned, as well as take a specific amount of damage. The amount of time they are stunned for varies from target to target, ranging from four to six seconds.

A player will be unable to move and pickpocket while under the effects of this type of stun, although they can perform other actions as usual such as eating food and teleportation.


Some NPCs are capable of stunning the player for a set period of time:


Some melee weapons are capable of stunning.

Special attacksEdit

The following weapons share the same special attack, Shove, which stuns a target for three seconds:

Targets affected by this type of stun will be completely unable to do anything while stunned. The special attack can only be used on targets that take up one square.


All blackjacks share the same passive effect that will occasionally stun a target in combat, causing the target to briefly stop attacking; the better the material, the more chance of stunning occurring.